Thankful and blessed


We have a customer who visits us every day to use the internet. When I ask him how he is, a smile lights his face and his quiet, soft, compassionate voice replies, “thankful and blessed.” I so admire this gentleman because he truly believes every day of his life is blessed and he is thankful to know how fortunate he is.

I feel thankful and blessed that this customer reminds me of something I should remember each and every day no matter what else is happening in my library life. One of the lines in the Lutheran liturgy recited each week is, “We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, not as we ought, but as we are able.” Hmmmmm. Most days I am an “able-er” not an “ought-er.”

November is a time when thankful and blessed are on our minds more than any other time of the year. Here is my Libraryland alphabet of things I am grateful for.

A is for Authors who write wonderful stories which take us on journeys we will never forget.

B is for our Board of Directors who work tirelessly to strategically place the library in the community.

C is for the Children who come to our early literacy activities.

D is for the Donors who support us all the time.

E is for Employees who love to help customers find what they want/need.

F is for the Friends of the Library who advocate and raise funds for services.

G is for Gamers, especially our Mahjong players who stretch their minds and have fun, too.

H is for Handbooks that help students study for certification tests.

I is for the Internet.

J is for the Journals, all 93 unique titles, covering a variety of topics. Did you know you can check out the older copies?

K is for the Kiddos who come for information for school reports and pleasure reading materials.

L is for Library Lovers everywhere.

M is for our Meeting room, a community hub, where folks can gather to exchange information, learn new skills, or share ideas.

N is for Novels of all kinds — mysteries, romance, suspense, thrillers, historical fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, too.

O is for Overdues. We don’t like it when materials are returned late but we do appreciate the money we collect.

P is for People who “feed” our Coin-asaurus and donation brick with coins

Q is for Quantitative and Qualitative measures which help us to gauge our service and “tell our story.”

R is for Readers of all ages.

S is for the Summer Reading Program which helps children maintain/increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills during the time school is not in session.

T is for Teens who love the dystopic worlds they find between the covers of books.

U is for United Way and our UW partners, all working together to serve the community.

V is for the Volunteers who give of their time and talents in myriad ways.

W is for the World Wide Web which puts the world at our fingertips.

X is for our Xmas program when Mrs. Claus joins us for cookies and cocoa.

Y is for YOU, our customers and supporters.

Z is for the Zany stories, ideas, and imagination that allow us to laugh and grow. (OK, this is a stretch but you try to think of a Z word that is library related.)

Now it’s your turn. What about the library are you thankful for?


Molly S. Kinney is the director at the Mifflin County Library. She is currently reading, “Booked 4 Murder,” (Sophie Kimball Mystery #1) by J.C. Eaton. An hilarious cozy mystery, especially for those who have lived in a retirement community or condominium complex.