New book drop


I always want to talk to people. I’m always looking for new ideas and feedback. Some people call them “complaints” but it’s all in your attitude. If a library patron feels strongly about something to come to me and tell me, then I should really consider it feedback and not someone just being grouchy.

Because, let’s face it. I’ve worked at the Mifflin County Library longer than I really want to admit. When you’ve worked somewhere for so long, you don’t want things to change. Leaving things the way they are is easier. It’s comforting. But it’s not always better.

I’ll give you an example. The Mifflin County Library building is set back from the lane and there’s a beautiful garden. Families can walk around the long sidewalk and look at the flowers and trees, sit on the benches and just enjoy the outdoors.

What if you are in your 80s, it’s freezing cold outside or else 82 degrees with high humidity? All you want to do is return your library book. But you’re having a difficult time catching your breath. Or you are a young parent who wants to return books and your baby is screaming and crying. The last thing you want to do is fight that baby out of and back into that car seat.

How’s that long sidewalk looking to you now? Probably not very attractive.

MCL has a book drop in the side of the building proper, but when it’s raining or snowing, or when you have little kids in car seats, it is very hard to get to. The Friends of the Mifflin County Library have graciously purchased an outdoor Book Return for MCL. Proceeds from the Spring Community Band Concert have paid for this. Thank you.

Now, you can’t drive up to it and throw your books in, but you can park and walk about five steps. It’s much more accessible.

Interesting book drop facts: this book drop is stainless steel and can be cleaned with refrigerator polish. It can hold 150 books. It is a book DROP not a book SHELF — don’t put your books on top of it. The books go inside.

I swear to the god of all things librarian, if I find a cat inside, we are NOT keeping it. MCL does not need a cat!

In all seriousness, the book drop will be an asset to library patrons. While county maintenance was installing it, a few people walked by and said, “How will you girls empty it when it rains? What if it’s icy out?”

So, yeah. There is that. But we strive for customer service. We want to make life easier for our patrons. We want you to use the library. We’re thinking of getting a fluorescent yellow EVENT STAFF rain slicker.

Please enjoy the new outdoor book return. And if you are returning books today, ask us about the Summer Reading Program. Read books in the summer and you could win wonderful prizes (for children and adults).


Susan Miriello is the acting library director of the Mifflin County Library. She is currently re-reading “A Fatal Grace,” by Louise Penny (because she wants to move to “Three Pines in Canada” and eat croissants and drink cafe au lait all day long).