Seven types of readers


Everybody has heard of Facebook but not everyone knows about Goodreads. Goodreads is a social media site where the only drama is book drama. You post the title of the book you are currently reading, what page you’re on, and your friends “like” or comment accordingly. Your friends can recommend books to you and you can even join online book groups.

I love Goodreads because I love to see what my friends are reading and it hit me suddenly that there are so many different types of readers in the world.  

Doing a little research, I’ve identified seven and here they are:

Elitist:  These readers only read “literature,” which would include Laine Moriarty or Philippa Gregory as well as the classics, but never James Patterson, Danielle Steel or books published directly to paperback. Many book groups read this type of book (which is why I don’t belong to any book groups).

Series:  These readers like to belong to a family or group of friends that they made and learn more about in the books.  I’m a big series reader, but sometimes you have to wait a year to rejoin those same old friends. It’s important to read many series because of the long wait in between titles. That’s why I’ve included this next group.

Re-readers: Some people will not re-read a book that they’ve already finished, but not the readers in this group. Sometimes, the only way to get through the year is to re-read and visit once again those favorite friends.

Jugglers:  Many readers will read only one book at a time, but for many of us, we can’t function unless we have a book. So that means an audio book in the car, a paperback in the purse, a library book by the sofa, and another on the cellphone.

Physical only:  Sometimes nothing beats holding a book in your hands. And there’s just something about the smell of a book. (I mean, I don’t feel that way, but I guess some people do.)

Non-fics: There are several library patrons who love to read nonfiction and biographies, and that’s all they read. These are the readers who want everything off the New York Times best sellers list for nonfiction.

Mags: Many people only read magazines or newspapers. There are several library patrons who do not have a library card and who do not want a library card, but they come into the library every single day just to read The Sentinel or USA Today or the current issue of People.

Now that you’ve seen my list, what type of reader are you?  


Susan Miriello is the acting library director at the Mifflin County Library.   She is currently listening to the audiobook “Willful Behaviour,” by Donna Leon, just finished re-reading “Crimson Shore,” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and has started “Trophy Hunt,” by C.J. Box as an eBook on her cellphone.