Better than Audible

I was talking to an acquaintance of mine recently.  I wouldn’t call her friend and you’ll see why.

Acquaintance:  I don’t need a library card.  I belong to Audible.

Me:  (Now you understand why she’s not my friend.)

Acquaintance:  I also have Amazon prime, so I get free eBooks, too.

Me:  (Hard stare, pursed lips.)

Acquaintance:  It’s so much more convenient than going to the library.  I don’t live in Lewistown. And the library is out of my way.

Me:  And how much does this membership cost you?  A library card is free!

So here it is in a nutshell:

For $12.99 a month, Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping (great, if you buy a lot from Amazon), free streaming video and music (perfect, if you watch TV), and one free eBook a month.

What?!  I read 80 books a year.  That’s six books a month. I’d go nuts if I could only have one book a month.  

An Audible membership costs $14.95 a month.  Each month that you are a member, you receive one credit toward the purchase of an eAudiobook that you can listen to on your phone in your car or while walking or doing housework.  You get to keep the book forever in your cloud library. If you hate the book, you are allowed to exchange it for something else. And as a member, you get 30 percent off additional eAudiobooks you wish to purchase.

Again, I say, one book?  So for $27.94 a month, Prime and Audible members can check out two books. And they think that’s fantastic? What is wrong with you people?!

For Christmas, my dad got a tablet. I was surprised by how much he liked it, and he quickly learned how to use it.  Recently, he wanted to learn how to check out eBooks from the library. So, I helped him download the Overdrive app from his Google Play Store. With his library card, he logged into the Central PA digital libraries from MCL’s website. And he checked out his first eBook. The eBook downloads into the Overdrive app and you borrow it for 21 days.

Then he asked me, “How do I return it?”

It returns on its own.  After the lending period is over, the eBook disappears from your device.

With your library card, you may check out 10 items at a time. There are almost 20,000 items in the digital library and in 2017, 14,633 eBooks and eAudiobooks were checked out. It’s free and easy. You can apply for a library card online and use it right away. However, before the end of 60 days, you need to come into the Library and get a permanent card.  You never have to see any library staff member again or set foot in the library! (Well, the card does expire after three years, you may need to give us a call.)

My father thinks the digital library is so convenient; with a tablet you can browse from the comfort of your favorite chair.  If you need help, please come in. I’m happy to show you how this works.

But if you prefer paper books, “real” books, just remember, your library is here for you.  Plus, today is half-price day for MCL’s Spring Book Sale. Come in when the library is open today and all of the items are half price.  Tomorrow, Sunday, is $4 per bag day. Fill a brown paper grocery bag (which we provide) and it is only $4. MCL is closed, so use the elevator or Wayne Street side door to enter.

Don’t panic if you miss the book sale. We have a “mini book sale” all year long. There is a double sided bookcase by the cleaning supplies closet with children’s books on one side and Vintage books on the other. Adult hardbacks and paperbacks are for sale by the elevator.


Susan Miriello is the acting library director at the Mifflin County Library.  She is currently rereading “Still Life,” by Louise Penny, a favorite paperback that she purchased for 50 cents at MCL’s Spring Book Sale.