Just ‘fore’ fun!


I was at the Schlow Centre Region Library in State College for a meeting when I stopped by the administrative offices to see an old friend, DJ. She, like me, is a former children’s librarian and she, like me, left the children’s room for admin duties within the library.

DJ: What’s new?

Me: Getting ready for mini-golf in the library!

DJ: [Blank stare]

Me: Super fun! Eighteen holes of mini golf inside the library!

DJ: Just in the children’s room?

Me: Heck no! All over. In the children’s room. Down the stairs. Through the stacks. By the computers.

And she burst out in laughter. “What are you talking about?” she exclaimed. And so I told her.

Today’s the day to come, young and old alike, to play mini golf, inside the library. Laugh, cry and cheer. And really, so much fun to be had.

We’ve all played mini-golf somewhere. Now imagine a portable mini-golf course indoors. There are bumpers to keep your ball from going off course. There are risers to keep the individual holes challenging. And of course, the hole itself has a little numbered flag so you know where you are.

Mini-golf is sponsored by local businesses, agencies and individuals who are encouraged to decorate their hole, tee or green with something that is representative of them. For example, who doesn’t love the pickles at South Side Hoagie Shop? Last year, the golfer had to putt through a maze of pickle jars. If you want to know what Jeannie and the gang are doing this year, you’re going to have to come.

MCS Bank used little wooden bank houses; very challenging! At another hole, the challenge was getting around a stack of books. And at Jake’s Golf Carts, the golfer had to hit the ball through a race track.

I think my favorite hole was the stairwell; Hole No. 13. The golfer shoots the ball into the mouth of this “monster” attached to a PVC pipe, down and around the stairwell to the bottom, just at the door. You would think this would be a perfect hole-in-one shot! But you’d be wrong. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

And speaking of hole-in-one, Cricket Wireless at One-Stop is sponsoring the Hole-in-One shot. Here’s how it works: you hit a hole-in-one shot and when you are finished, the golfer fills out a paper at the Cricket table for a chance to win …

Maybe you should just come to the library and play mini-golf and see for yourself!

Last night was the fancy “adult” night with heavy hors d’oeuvres and music provided by Skip Leeper. Today is Family Fun Day. Hot dogs and other kid-friendly foods are available for lunch at a tiny donation. Students from the Sacred Heart Church Confirmation class will be helping with that.

Mini-golf is from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. and costs $5 per person.

I just want to get my hands on those pickles! Or maybe someone will decorate their area in whoopie pies. Wouldn’t that be great?


Susan Miriello is the acting library director at the Mifflin County Library and is currently reading “Glass Houses” by Louise Penny and “Froggy’s Day with Dad” by Jonathan London (Froggy and his dad celebrate Father’s Day with a game of miniature golf, among other things).