I didn’t know the library did that!


I was in the grocery store, which is, by the way, the worst chore in the world. I try to buy healthy foods but somehow the chips just end up in my cart! Anyway, I was in the produce section when a library patron came up to me and said, “It’s too bad the library doesn’t send faxes. I had to fax two papers and didn’t know where to go.”

I looked at her, dumbfounded. What? Of course we send faxes, I wanted to scream at her. But I didn’t. I put on my best smile and said, “I’m so sorry. But the library really does fax.”

The response was priceless. “Well, why didn’t you tell me that before?”

Sigh! Going through my head were several of those Facebook acronyms. You know what I mean, OMG, WTH, but also LOL –laugh out loud. Because no matter what we do, no matter how many newspaper articles, Facebook posts, tweets or press releases on the radio the library staff write, people still have a narrow view of the library and of library staff. After all, we just check books in and out all day, right? Laugh or lump it.

So, yes. We do check books in and out all day. But the library will laminate papers for you; if you have DVDs that may be a little worn, we will buff those for you; and the library offers notary services.

MCL laminates letter-sized paper at $1 per page. If you want small business cards laminated, we’ll put as many as we can in the sleeve and run this through the laminator. If you have party paper items, we can laminate those as well. Certificates that aren’t larger than 9×11 inches are also things that we’ve laminated. We ask that you give a day or even a couple hours, depending on how busy the library is at the time.

MCL buffs DVDs or Blu-rays for a $1 per disc. Remember the good old days of VHS tapes? Then all of us had to upgrade and buy DVDs because you weren’t able to find tapes. Now it’s Blu-ray! Personally, I’m skipping all that and going directly to digital. But if your DVDs are slightly scratched or covered with fingerprints, the staff at MCL can buff them for you and make them like new. We ask for a day to get this done. I don’t know how to work the machine, but most of the staff do and when free, they are happy to help.

Notary services have been available at the library for over a year. Kish branch library offers notary services any time the library is open. The Lewistown library notarizes whenever Kathy is available. Please call and make an appointment at either location to ensure that someone is there to help you when you need it. Especially on Saturdays and evenings. Notary services are $5 and that is the state mandated fee.

Oh, and let’s not forget faxing, which is what started me on my rant (I mean explanation) of library services to begin with. Kish branch and the Lewistown library will fax for $1 per page. A 20-ounce bottle of soda is $1.99. One large honeycrisp apple is about the same price. So I don’t think a buck a page is too much. We will also receive your returning fax as well.

In a nutshell, the library really does do that. Before going anywhere else first, call the Mifflin County Library. We probably offer the service you need.


Susan Miriello is the assistant/acting library director at the Mifflin County Library. She is currently reading the eBook “Nocturnal,” by Scott Sigler, available on MCL’s digital library. Homicide detectives Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang investigate a series of gruesome serial murders in San Francisco. This book features a dazzling mystery, terrifying dreams and a shadowy vigilante with superhuman powers.