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Wind River

(New $1 cent DVD)

The director of Wind River, Taylor Sheridan, also directed Hell of High Water. Both movies tell stories of wild, vast, and open Western communities with people who do not trust the police and resentfully feel left behind in the age of technology and industrialization. Wind River is heavy with symbolism from the start. When we first see Jeremy Renner’s Cory Lambert, a tracker well-versed in the Wyoming wilds, he’s lying on his belly in the snow, camouflaged with his rifle, picking off wolves that have been preying on sheep. He’s a protector because it’s his job, but as we learn throughout the course of the film, that calling has become deeply personal.

On one of Cory’s hunting expeditions, he comes across the frozen body of a young woman; we’d seen her at the film’s start, frantically running barefoot in the middle of the night under a crisp, full moon. He recognizes her as Natalie (Kelsey Asbille), the best friend of his teenage daughter, who also died mysteriously a few years earlier. Since these crimes happened on Native American reservations, their police get involved but so does the FBI. New FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) is shipped in from Las Vegas and is totally reliant on Lambert to get a lay of the land. A quote that stuck with me throughout was “This isn’t the land of backup, Jane, this is the land of: You’re on your own.” A movie that offers natural chemistry between its characters, with nothing forced, you can find this movie on the New $1 DVD shelf.

End Game by

David Baldacci

If you would like a similar story to Wind River but in book form, check out the new book by David Baldacci and the fifth installment in the Will Robie series. To bring you up to speed, partners Will Robie and Jessica Reel are used by the government for clandestine missions that require discreet and quick action (aka lethal action against known enemies of the United States). Their backup is called Blue Man, but when he goes missing in a remote Colorado town, they have to figure out what happened amidst another private and troubled community. With political implications and a fast paced narrative and storyline you cannot go wrong with this series and new book. You can find this book in the New Adult Fiction section.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway (Book #12) by Jeff Kinney

The holidays are upon us and with all of the family, fun, and food is much busyness and travel. My family travels for Thanksgiving to Wellsboro PA and splits Christmas and New Year’s between Big Valley and Philadelphia. This includes a lot of meals, church services and leftover turkey and mashed potatoes for weeks. Growing up my family started going to Wellsboro to “get away” from the busyness. The town does provide quiet and simplicity, but vacation getaways are not panaceas. We have been away on vacation and were confronted with a sick horse at home and an accident requiring stitches. No relaxation in that!

In the newest installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Greg Heffley and his family escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, but sun poisoning, stomach troubles, and venomous creatures all threaten their vacation. When this all hits their family, they question if there is anything good that can be salvaged from this trip. I wish you all do not have a holiday like this! You can find this title in the New Kids Fiction section.

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