Milroy Lions Club to host benefit spaghetti supper

To the editor:

The Milroy Lions Club wishes to announce our September Spaghetti supper.

The meal will be held on Sept. 19 at the White Memorial Church fellowship hall, Main Street, Milroy. We will be serving from 4 to 7 p.m. Take outs will be available.

The menu will be the same, spaghetti, meatballs, salad, bread, applesauce, desserts and drinks.

As always we will be donating the entire net profit to a worthy cause. This month’s recipient will be Jordon Benner and daughter Baylee McMinn.

Baylee is the only child of Jordon. She is 4 years old and has the degenerative brain disease D&H Type 2. Baylee is very limited in normal physical activities. She can’t walk, talk or sit up. She requires 24-hour-a-day care.

Baylee is under the care of the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital which requires much travel.

Please come out and help us support this worthy cause.

We thank you, the general public for your former and continued support. Without your support, our efforts would be futile. Please come out for a good meal and a time of fellowship as we as a community reach out to help one another. We charge by donation only, so everyone can afford to join us. We will accept donated desserts.

Frank A. Bonson

Milroy Lions Club

In memory of 9/11

To the editor:

That dark day in September when it was marked to all go down. The evil running rampant as planes headed towards the ground, their goal in mind was ending lives and with the devils twist, the dark day in September, let us never, ‘er forget.

The first plane hit the tower and a fire ball went out, the nation stunned at what was done as lives were but snuffed out. The second tower took a hit from the second passenger jet, the Pentagon had a gaping hole were people died and bled. In Shanksville Pennsylvania, where the final plane went down, in a field in the country side it scarred the cratered ground. The first victory on terror, the passengers on that plane, gave themselves to taking back, before more death and flames.

Up in New York City, the ashen snow of death, as charred remains of corpse and plane rained down what they had left. Courageous men women, who lives would soon be split, thank God we have this country and never soon forget.

Regardless to their safely and risking life and limb, they helped battered strangers to safety who they’d never see again. With a thunderous roar and clouds of smoke those lives were all snuffed out, they gave them as a sacrifice we should that never doubt.

The victims and there bodies, some missing God knows where, burned to ash and pulverized by the flames and death of terror. That horrible day in history, that we remember yet, those who all assaulted us, so never you forget.

The global war on terror, the hunt for wretched scum. The tracking of bin Laden we didn’t quit ’till it was done. So be thankful for this country and for the valorous one who died, remember 9/11 even as the years go by. This is not the end of stories, our journey not done yet, but always still remember, and never, ‘er forget.

Garret J. Snyder



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