To pro-choicers, abortion is extension of birth control

To the editor:

I just read to a letter to the editor written in response to Father Weary’s recent posting in opposition to abortion.

Mr. Fisher as well as most pro-abortionists continually make the argument that a woman has the right to make choices that should not be denied. I happen to agree with him on the matter of choice.

But let us not forget that we all have choices to make during our lives. Some turn out to be terrible and some favorable. The killing of a pre-born child in the womb is a terrible one.

The woman had the choice when she engaged in sex ignoring the fact that conception of a baby might be the end result. Her choice was made and what happened next was the result of a freely decided choice on her part. Of course I am not referring to rape or incest although even on that issue if possible the baby should not be the one to suffer the evil act of another.

Abortionists ignore the fact that once conception takes place the body of the woman is now shared by another human being with the God given intent to grow to maturity.

Father Weary made a reasonable analogy. I saw it as a comparison to the act of bondage — the slave to his/her master and the baby bound to the mother. Neither the slave nor the baby would deny their own choice if given one. I might make another: if a careless driver of an automobile due to his recklessness gets into an accident would we allow him or her to transfer the act to the passenger in the car and force he or she to take the punishment? Of course not! Why then do we transfer the pain and death of abortion to the passenger in the womb?

Let there be honesty by the pro-choice people. The abortion argument is but an extension of birth control. It has become simply another method to avoid bringing a child into the world so as not to inconvenience the mother or the father. It has even come to an act of euthanasia upon babies surviving an abortion in some states. To kill a child in the womb very rarely has anything to do with health issues. It is simply a matter of getting rid of something as if it has no meaning or worth.

Diane L. Logan