Democrats need to work with Trump as God wants

To the editor:

Our nation is at a crossroads. The choices are being made between the principles of God and the rebellion of hell.

Donald Trump was voted into office by the church, bringing with him the commandments, the rules that God set upon us. Just as the prophets and especially Jesus suffered at the hands of those who didn’t want to hear the truth, who didn’t want to obey the wisdom of God, we see the same being done to our president.

President Trump does not use a teleprompter for his every word as did the former president. He relies on God’s guidance — God’s wisdom.

In this time, respect for position has gone out the door when Nancy Pelosi and the left strike out against the president on every nit-pickery thing they can do their childishness and rebellion against God displays to us all.

Illegals are permitted to enter in droves — rapists, thugs, murderers, child traffickers, while the American people are forced to pay for their housing, education, food and health care. Many of our own veterans and American citizens are ignored. The left used images of children to try to push this agenda.

One question for you Nancy: Do our own citizens who broke the law have the privilege of keeping their children with them? Many may be in jail for minor offenses. I’m sure their children miss them. The American public, those with wisdom see through your hypocrisy.

Donald Trump has stood against the murderous abortion of children while the left pursue to a point so inhuman that the church is shocked.

Donald has rebuild our military to a strong force controlled by God, no longer the joke among other nations that the Obama administration had placed upon us.

Donald has reestablished our friendship and support for the nation of Israel. Jobs have been restored to our people.

The unemployment under the Obama administration eliminated. The border wall is something that God used and will be in eternity to keep out the same that the left is permitting to enter.

Why does the left want to reward breaking the law?

Now the future election is being tampered with by the thought of illegals, felons, etc. being allowed to vote. If this is the vote the left needs to succeed what does that say about their party?

The book of Joel in the Bible say loud and clear, What is happening in this time?

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! The choice is being made — the right embracing the statute of God and the left embracing the doctrines of hell.”

Choose wisely. It’s not just about party choice. It’s about your destiny. Jesus told us how he would separate his sheep (his followers) from the goats (those he does not want) — the sheep on the right, the goats on the left. We see it play out in this time.

The left is not satisfied with their bullying of our president, they even attack his wife — a beautiful, classy lady with dignity — a loving mother and supportive wife.

The left does not know how childish and undignified this makes them look.

Our president has so many issues to deal with in this time. I don’t know how he can even function with the constant petty attack of the left.

Our Lord’s return is upon us. The church knows this. We choose to get right with God.

The many desolutions — floods, tornadoes, fire, etc. have reached proportions never heard of. God punishes rebellion but uses disasters, etc. to bring his people back to him.

Rachel Scott wrote diaries describing how God was going to use her at Columbine — to bring God back to our youth, our schools. She knew she was going to give her life.

The Lord’s Prayer needs back in school.

Everything else has been tried to protect our youth except the one thing that is needed. Bring God back.

This nation was formed in Judeo Christian faith. We need to get back to our roots.

A nation divided against itself cannot stand! Nancy needs to work with the president, not attack and play childish political games. She puts our nation at risk.

Carol Bishop