Ted Reed would excel as county commissioner

To the editor:

It has recently come to my attention that Ted Reed is a candidate for Mifflin County Commissioner. I have known Mr. Reed for about 30 years and for 15 or so years he worked in our company, Center Business Products at Mount Union, so I feel compelled to share what I know about him.

I urge Mifflin County voters to take a look at this candidate. He is a man of integrity and has a personality that promotes harmony in an office (something that courthouses often need). He is intelligent, hard-working and diligent, and his years of being a township supervisor and a private business owner at Sears in Mifflin County have polished his business acumen.

Voters in Mifflin County could do a lot worse than Ted Reed for commissioner and I don’t know of any candidates better prepared for the office.

C. Arnold McClure

Shirley Township,

Huntingdon County