Solution to duck problem may be found in the past

To the editor:

There is a chance you can do Derry Township a favor. What I’m about to suggest may have already been done or has fallen on deaf ears. Relocation of geese, ducks: Many years ago, possibly 40 or 50, Allentown had a problem with geese on Lake Muhlenberg. I was living and working in the area. The fowl were rounded up, trucked and transported down south. Some returned before the trucks returned.

My suggestion would be to suggest that the Derry Township Supervisors contact someone in that area to determine what measures eventually were successful. The contact down there would have to be an “old timer” in local government as present administrators in local and federal government tend to re-invent the wheel or are ignorant of past or long past successes. Allentown had a massive water fowl infestation.

Now that I’ve had my say on feathered friends I’ll get one more thing off my chest. Before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Truman ordered the areas be inundated with leaflets describing the consequences of the action. I would like to see Trump do the same in areas massing a tremendous border crossing mission. I don’t believe this has even been considered. Possibly none of the heavy thinkers in Washington were born in the 1940s.

Charles E. Deibert