Why is global warming considered a bad thing?

To the editor:

I read with interest the reader’s opinion by John Brittain in Saturday’s Sentinel and figured I would expand on some ideas he put forth which I had also been pondering concerning global warming.

First off, why is it global warming is always presented to us as a disaster for mankind? We do know the world was a much warmer place a thousand years ago, 5 degrees warmer on average than today. The Roman Empire flourished because of the warmer weather. Even after the Roman Empire collapsed due to moral rot, the Europeans later built a civilization based on science while the warm lasted. Specifically, the years 950 A.D. to 1300 A.D. are known as the Medieval Warm Period and allowed a great expansion of population and farming became common.

That also brought a renaissance in science, culture, and art. European settlers had even moved into Greenland and were farming the land, including growing grapes for their wines. You can’t do that today in Greenland. Then disaster struck — the Little Ice Age (1300 to 1870) occurred and the colder weather brought increases in starvation, disease (Black Plague), and warfare that set back all that had been gained during the Warm Period. The Viking colonies in Greenland and North America were cut off and eventually disappeared. Europeans went from farming surpluses to more of a subsistence living style which required more hunting and fishing for food.

Second, with most of the world’s land mass in the northern high latitudes and largely unlivable today due to the cold and ice, global warming would open huge amounts of land for living space and farming across Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe and Siberia. Having that land become habitable would more than offset the loss of land due to sea level rise. The land, as well as the waters around them, could then also be exploited for their minerals and fossil fuels.

Third, we keep hearing from the media there is not enough clean water for our population. Well, that is because most of the world’s fresh water is locked up in ice all over the planet, especially at the poles. Additionally, look at a globe, and you will notice that most of the world’s middle latitudes have large deserts: northern Mexico, America’s southwest, northern Africa and southern Europe, Turkey to northern India. Melting that ice would provide massive amounts of fresh water and provide so much more moisture in the atmosphere for rain in those desert areas. It is climate change, right?

Fourth, you bring up sea level rise? Look at it as an opportunity. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says we need to rebuild all the buildings in America to make them greener. Considering all our large port cities, as well as the world’s, are cesspools of pollution, crime, dysfunction, and human misery, this would be an opportunity to start all over in new locations! How about that AOC?

Fifth, why is carbon dioxide increase considered a problem? Ninety-nine percent of our atmosphere is nitrogen (78 percent) and oxygen (21 percent). One percent is other gases with carbon dioxide at .0391 percent. The worst predictions are that carbon dioxide may go to .0392 percent. Plant life loves that carbon dioxide and soaks it up. A carbon dioxide-increased atmosphere in greenhouses has always been known to stimulate plant growth. Perhaps we could get two crops per growing season compared to just one today. That would be a great boost to food production for humanity.

Sixth, we have learned to grow crops in deserts. We will never have the ability to grow crops in ice. Better the global warming than the global cooling.

So, don’t you think global warming is better than global cooling, especially since humanity has experienced both in history, with a much warmer past than today, and the cooling part has always caused misery for our species? Don’t buy the line that global warming is the end of our planet. It will happen slowly and we can adapt just as we have in the past. The real problem I see is that to embrace it would negate the power of the statists to use this as something to fear and a ready-made excuse to control and tax us under the guise of a coming disaster.

I see it as an opportunity for us if we can just start doing our own thinking for ourselves, the way things used to be in this country. When you hear those statist global warming talking points, dissect them and ask yourself why the statists say it is so and why the only answer they have is to give them more power and your money.

David Adams