Humanity’s demise was foretold and is inevitable

To the editor:

The argument about which political group is morally and ethically correct is pointless. Comparing ethical and moral relativism to biblical morals and ethics is like comparing the Dead Sea to Lake Tahoe. This is assuming the political right does believe in biblical principles.

I can emphatically state that I don’t agree with the definition of morals and ethics of the left. But there is a leftist issue I agree with that the right is in denial of. I agree with the left on the issue of climate change. They are absolutely correct. The climate is changing and time on earth as we know it is getting short.

I come to this conclusion because I believe the biblical account of mankind’s future is true.

In the near future there is going to be a huge paradigm shift. The book of Revelation in the Christian Bible clearly describes exactly what is going to transpire. In the middle of chapter 3 is a warning for the deniers. Chapters 8 and 16 thru 18 tells us of massive natural disasters. There will be global plagues, pestilence and war. It will be horrendous for those on earth.

Where I differ from the left is the solution for this issue. We as mere humans cannot reverse this. It was inevitable. Our arrogance and greed has brought us to this point in human history.

No matter which side of the political coin people are on, there is hope for the human race. But, it comes with a condition, you will have to make a choice. To find the answer you will have to read the rest of the book.

Jeffrey C. Baumgardner