With new abortion laws, it’s a sad time in America

To the editor:

This is a sad time for this nation with the new abortion legislation passed by New York’s liberal Democrat legislature, and signed into law by New York’s liberal Democrat governor, where a child can be aborted right up until birth.

Even worse was the bill the Democrats in Virginia tried to pass with the blessing of the governor, where in his words, a baby could be allowed to be born, kept alive for a time, while the mother decided whether it was to live or die.

Thank God, Virginia’s legislature was controlled by Republicans and the bill was defeated.

These liberal Democrats are a bunch of ungodly sickos.

I have said this before and I will say it again in this letter, if you voters out there who claim to be Christian and would vote any Democrat into office, who could in turn vote for this type of legislation, you need to spend time in prayer and do some real soul searching.

I question whether you really meant it when you accepted Christ as savior.

If you really did mean it, you had better change your ways.

Stephen Sellers