Problems could be solved if ‘other side’ pitches in

To the editor:

I completely agree with Mr. Geedey that there are many things we need to deal with in America. President Trump has accomplished more in two years than any other president in eight. Very few presidents have gotten to their office as much and worked as hard as this guy, and without pay. There is activity on all those other things you mentioned and if Trump is able to get any cooperation from “the other side,” each item will be crossed off one by one and this country will come out ahead on each and every one. A remarkable two-year track record supports that confidence.

To the point, would you invest $5.7 billion in something that will absolutely pay you back double, triple, 10 times, who knows, maybe even a hundred times that amount over the years?

How could we even consider passing on that good of a deal? This is exactly why most folks should just stand back and let businessmen conduct business. If you really want to help, get “the other side” to actually represent the American people and not just their party.

Doug Sellers