Graduated income tax would be the fairest tax

To the editor:

Taxpayers have to pay extra for each tax that is collected. That’s why we have the IRS, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and other tax collection services and individuals.

But, we don’t need earned income taxes, excise taxes, fuel taxes, occupation taxes, per capita taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes on alcohol, gambling and tobacco and many other unfair taxes.

State, county and local government and public schools need only one fair tax that is based on the ability to pay; namely, the income of individuals and corporations. In Pennsylvania, a graduated income tax, with higher and lower rates based on total taxable income, is not legal without a change in the state constitution.

Unfortunately, with both houses of the state legislature controlled by a political party that caters to corporations and the well-to-do and with an independently wealthy governor, it is highly unlikely that a state constitution amendment legalizing a graduated income tax will be presented to voters for approval any time soon.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible for government and school districts to eliminate some taxes in order to save money and cut taxes overall.

David L. Faust