GOP vs. Democrats? More like good vs. evil

To the editor:

Isn’t it great that we can share an opinion here in America? It became clear to me after reading Mr. Geedy’s letter in the opinion column of The Sentinel Sat., Feb. 16, that the Democrats are totally without morals.

They push for abortion, gun registration and confiscation and limitations, open borders which allow drugs, criminals, gangs, traffickers, all sorts of characters into the country so we can foot the bill for all their care. I always sensed that this Republican vs. Democrat thing was just a part of our national fabric, but it appears we could more accurately label it good vs evil.

What good things are Democrats promoting? Some of the truly whacked-out Democratic presidential candidates are encouraging higher education for all, Medicare for all, free health care for all and a lot more. How do we pay for all that, you ask? Higher taxes, obviously. Did someone say “socialism”? Yeah, that sure worked great in Venezuela and elsewhere, didn’t it? Did someone say “drain the swamp”? Seems I hit a nerve. Are all politicians snowy white? Of course not. Are there any in the Democratic Party who truly see what’s happening in the U.S.?

Whether they realize it or not, the Dems are doing a great job helping Trump get re-elected. Keep up the craziness. Hopefully, there is still a majority who can see the bigger picture. The Dems aren’t really for very much, just against everything Trump. Oh, and they run right to the Constitution when it suits and then do everything possible to try to change the Constitution when that suits better. I guess they wouldn’t lie — unless, of course, it suited better than the truth.

Funny, they all voted for a border barrier years ago but fight it tooth and nail now because it’s Trump and will make him look good when it works like he said it would. Not all Trump enterprises were successful but winners outnumber losers. I’d give this businessman the benefit of any doubt.

I wonder how a border barrier could possibly hurt our booming economy. Oh yeah, drug dealers would have supplies cut off. Criminal enterprises would have fewer new victims. Gun runners would have to hustle their goods elsewhere. Human traffickers would lose a valuable market. I suppose, in that sense, it might hurt the economy.

Then, consider the vast savings in personnel, jails, transportation, housing, food and other humanitarian costs, a lifetime of handouts and a whole lot more. From a business standpoint, the savings will far outweigh any loss of revenue to our economy. Let’s say a full-length barrier will cost $25 billion, a figure supported by some experts. Our cost for these illegals is already more than that annually. Are we missing something here?

There are still plenty of immigrants coming in by legal means who will provide a labor force. We don’t need more illegals in our country. I refuse to pay for it. I also refuse to pay for Medicaid to anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Trump was right to make requirements that they at least do something for their benefits. I worked and paid in for mine. They can at least work for theirs. Trump haters seem to come up with anything at all.

I don’t plan to continue to banter these matters back and forth. A word to the wise is sufficient. A word to the foolish is useless.

Some will get and sadly, some won’t.

Doug Sellers