Trump is right, we need to build that border wall

To the editor:

Well, here we are with a partial government shutdown because President Trump wants $5 billion-plus to build a wall on the southern border of the United States and the Democrats don’t want to agree to its funding. Let’s examine what has led to this situation.

We most definitely need to stop all of this illegal immigration into our country. It is putting too much of a strain on our nation’s economy, school systems, medical systems etc.

First, let us get one thing straight. Breaking our laws to get into this country is illegal. The left does not like the term “illegal immigrant.” They want to call them “undocumented workers,” but the proper term is “illegal,” which by definition means they are lawbreakers. I don’t care if you overstay your visa or sneak across the border, you are a lawbreaker.

The “left” says we need to give all these illegals in our country amnesty to bring them out of the shadows. Even if we did that, it would not solve the problem. There is still a never-ending flow of those sneaking across the border. If you have a boat that leaks, it doesn’t make sense to keep using it with a leak in it and keep bailing it out. It makes more sense to fix the leak.

Two things need to be done to stop the illegal immigration leak. Laws need to be changed to stop it being permissible for people to come into our country illegally and applying for asylum, then staying in our country waiting for a hearing to determine their acceptance. Most will not be given asylum because they will not meet the requirements, but they are still here and will never show up for their hearing(s) anyway. They will just be here and be illegal. This needs to change and I don’t mean by granting them legality.

Secondly, we need a better barrier at the border to stop their entrance in the first place. Then they can remain outside our country until their hearing.

Also, anyone found in our country illegally should be immediately deported. This person is not likely to be a good citizen if they think it is all right to break the law to come here.

Now as for the barrier at the border, and the type it should be. The left says a wall does not work. I disagree. Walls do work to stop intruders. The wall in Israel works very well. How about a wall with sensors to detect vibrations of any one trying to tunnel underneath? Wall plus technology would be very effective.

No wall will be 100 percent effective over the long haul but even 90 percent is better than no barrier at all. No barrier means 100 percent failure.

We have those on the left that say a wall is immoral. If that is true, then why do so many of those very wealthy politicians on the left have walls and fences around their homes? Shouldn’t they, in order to demonstrate their morality and virtue, tear down their walls, fences and any other barriers around their properties?

There are those on the left that say a wall costs too much money, we can’t afford it. I say the cost of building a wall is much less than the cost of all the illegals in our country in just one year.

There are those on the left that say we need to send more money to countries in Central America to help the poor in these countries they won’t need to immigrate to the United States. I say most of the money we do send is a waste, because it goes into the pockets of the local politicians in those countries, which enriches them, and the people who need it see very little of the money or aide.

There are those on the left who think it is immoral for us to have a border at all, and that everyone from anywhere should be able to just waltz right in to the United States and take up residence and no one should object. I say that is stupid and very dangerous. It would open the door to all types of criminals, terrorists and many others who would do great harm to us.

We already have too many cases of people being killed or maimed by illegals in this country. A good example is the police officer in California who was shot to death by an illegal during a DUI stop on Christmas Day. This sort of thing has happened over and over again and it is aggravated by the same left-wing politicians who believe in sanctuary cities and states.

They put the welfare of illegals above the rights of American citizens and other immigrants who have done it legally or are in the process of doing it the right way. All these politicians and/or lawmakers have blood on their hands because of their misguided and idiotic beliefs.

By the way, Mr. Singh, the cop who was shot on Christmas Day, was one who did it the right way when he immigrated to the United States.

The way I look at this shut down of the government, Mr. Trump is in the right and those against him are just wrong. Go Trump! MAGA!

Just one more thing before I close, if you want a good look at a group of people who are in the wrong, I give you those people who organized at “caravan” of people that made their way to the southern border in November and into December. They created a lot of hardship and disappointment for a lot of people, as well as problems for the United States. Now they are at it again trying to start another “caravan.” They all should be arrested, whoever they are, and put in jail.

I believe that those on the left of this country love to see all these illegals coming because they are looking at these people, at some point, as a future “voting block.” A large group of permanent underclass depending on handouts from the government to survive would in turn continually vote for their “masters” for their support.

Stephen Sellers