No one has the right to take an unborn child’s life

To the editor:

I turned on the TV to see and hear the celebration and shouts of joy in New York. What I didn’t expect was what they were celebrating — the passing of a law to make it legal to murder the unborn, even as far as to date of birth. How sick to celebrate brutal tortures and death of the most innocent. What depravity have these individuals sunken to?

As the left continues to exalt the things of hell and try to diminish the things of God, have they lost sight that there is a day of reckoning — a day of accountability to God?

Does God not hear the cries of these murdered babies? Millions upon millions of babies have been murdered in this nation.

As the return of Jesus Christ draws near, we now see the separation between heaven and hell — between those who are the Lord’s and those who are not.

God stated that he knew us in the womb. I received a letter from Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son. Billy had prayed to God to live to be 100 years old. He died at 99 but with the nine months in the womb, he was 100 years old at death.

God stated loud and clear what he thinks and what is the truth. Without abortion, a life would exist. No one has the right to destroy that life.

When I was expecting my child, I lived in the Virginia/D.C. area. When first told I was encouraged to abort the child — told he wouldn’t have anything in life — that we would live in poverty (as I was a single parent). At no time did I consider an abortion.

I worked hard (sometimes two jobs) and supported my child. We even built a new home where he grew up. God provided. My son was one of the greatest blessings God had given me.

When my child died from cancer more than six years ago, my heart broke.

This precious child made such a difference in my life. No one has the right to deny a child that chance.

So those in New York, what if your parents did the same to you that you now plan for the unborn?

I know there is a day when you will face God. In that day, those of us who love children will rejoice. In the day of your accountability, we will shout for joy.

Carol Bishop