Harping on library closure is waste of time

To the editor:

I was surprised in the Jan. 4 paper to see that Commissioner Dunkle’s feud with the library has suddenly become front page news, because, as I understand, his harassment of the library over his displeasure about the branch closings has been a regular occurrence for months and months. I suppose he keeps doing this because he can’t accept that the Allensville branch has been closed and feels that if he had been allowed to make more speeches about his concern, the decision might have been reversed.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of Molly Kinney’s. Her energy, enthusiasm and common sense have done a great deal to improve the administration of the library and the decision made by the board to close the branches was based on pure economic sense in that the relatively low usage of those branches implied high cost. This is something that we all should understand because we as taxpayers contribute significantly to the support of the library.

Mr. Dunkle has made the absurd statement he intends to keep raising this issue until the board does something about this issue; however, the board has nothing to apologize about to anybody. I urge Mr. Dunkle to stop wasting the commissioners’ and the library’s time, accept the library’s decision and consider this a closed matter. If he is unable to do that, perhaps he should step down and let somebody with a more rational and balanced view of the commissioners’ concerns take his place.

John Brittain