Democrats believe in securing the border, too

To the editor:

Both Democrats and Republicans want a secure border, but the Democrats don’t believe in giving in to a bully who is holding the American people hostage until he gets his own way. Open up the government and negotiate to secure the border and to fix our overall immigration system.

We already have physical barriers built by previous administrations in many places at our southern border where it makes sense. Since Mexico has refused to pay for the wall as Trump promised, it’s clear is that he now wants to force the American taxpayer to pay for this expensive political stunt which is designed to keep his base happy.

The status of undocumented immigrants, especially the dreamers (immigrants brought here by their parents when they were children) should also be part of any agreement. In 2013 the Senate passed a comprehensive, bipartisan legislation that would increase border security and provide a pathway to citizenship, but it was rejected in the Republican-led house.

We know the president lies constantly (he may not even know he is lying, which is an even scarier thought). Lately he has been calling it a national emergency because of the threat of terrorists supposedly streaming across our southern border. Vice President Mike Pence and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders have claimed that 4,000 terrorists have come across our border with Mexico during the past year. They obviously have not consulted with their own State Department who said there is, “no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups sent operatives via Mexico into the U.S.”

A recent letter writer to The Sentinel complained that “illegals” would only become a future “voting block” for the left. Most immigrants, legal or not, are hard-working people. They are not, as the letter asserted, a “permanent underclass.” Immigrants come to this country often fleeing violence and poverty seeking a better life for their family in this land of opportunity that has welcome so many immigrants before. Someday these immigrants or their children may have a chance to participate in our civic life. And if you want their vote, then treat them with respect and contest for it. To me, that is the story of America.

Gary Gill