Democracy and republic are not synonymous

To the editor:

I am somewhat disturbed by the path this country has been taking of late especially when continually the media, and especially editorials, refer to this nation as a democracy when in fact it was established as a constitutional republic. The democracy label is just as much in error as referring to the Democratic Party as being democratic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In a discussion with an elected politician I brought up that exact point only to be told it was a matter of “semantics.” An ignorant remark but then he is a politician, not at all informed on the discussions on this point by quite a few of our founders who abhorred the concept of a democracy knowing full well its threat to the freedom of a people.

Some of those recently elected appear to be of socialistic leaning. They would eliminate the protections the Electoral College created by our founders so as to provide each state fair and balanced representation. Otherwise the high density areas of population usually dominated by one particular political party would control the election process by their majority of voters leaving the lesser inhabited states little or no voice. It could well mean, should not the Electoral College exist, that high population states such as New York and California would dictate the election results by their numbers and would therefore invite candidates to give their spiel in limited locales where they find election favor ignoring everyone else. Cities would dominate the political direction of this nation while those living in less populated areas would be without an equal voice.

The founders knew that if the majority vote would be the only avenue of elections then we would be solidly a democracy which they adamantly opposed given the history of those past failed ventures. They did not create a democracy where the majority simply by a 51 to 49 plurality would rule the roost and impose on the minority all of their beliefs and dictates. The framers created a nation governed by a constitution where all would be bound by established constitutional law with strict guidelines for change and not simply the whim of a majority whose opinion might be altered at the drop of a hat or even the smooth talking voice of a politician.

Once the people accept the false premise of our nation as a democracy then the next step would lead to the slippery slope of socialism which apparently is now showing it ugly head with the election of those who would lead this nation in the direction of government total control over our lives. That effort is now being pushed to the point when even those basic freedoms established in our Constitution are being ripped apart page by page.

In a recent editorial of a local newspaper the issue referred to this nation a number of times as being a democracy never once listing the fact that we are not nor were ever created as a democracy but as a republic. Might their editors just once read the papers written by our founders before ranting on about this nation as a democracy?

Diane L. Logan