Remember our heroes this Christmas season

To the editor:

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the greatest gift ever give to us, the Lord Jesus Christ. As those in the Bible celebrated by giving gifts to the newborn king, we continue by giving each other gifts.

This is also a time to remember those who give to us throughout the year, those we too often take for granted: our soldiers, many of whom come back from battle severely injured. Remember them this year who helped keep the freedoms we now have by giving to the Wounded Warrior Project and the programs to help our injured veterans.

Also remember our police, firemen, medics and EMTs, who give to us regularly — who are always there when we need them — by making donations to each.

Did you ever stop to think what our lives would be like without them? Too often they are the forgotten heroes; too often we forget how many lives they have helped save.

As Jesus sacrificed all for us, let us celebrate him by helping those who also sacrifice for us, our soliders, police, firemen, medics and EMTs.

In celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas to all!

Carol Bishop