Thank you for helping with meat canning project

To the editor:

The Central Pa. World Hunger Association would like to thank everyone that attended our 45th annual meat canning meeting and meal on Oct. 25. We have had 30-some people turn out for the meeting.

Jesse Diem opened the meeting with prayer and welcoming all that came.

We were told by Canning Coordinator Jonathan Coldren that we are not sure how much turkey we will be canning this year because MCC is having a hard time finding canner boys for this season.

They have two, possibly three, so they have cut some of the canning sites this year. They are working to make needed changes to make the canning year possible.

We will know closer to canning time what problems we will have to face this year. Keep our project in your prayers. Melvin Romig, Jonas Esh and Dale Brubaker were as our 2019 directors. Our next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Jan. 8 at the Freedom Avenue Church of the Brethren. If you are interested in being part of our canning committee, please attend.

We had a meal of turkey potpie and fixings and cake for dessert. We want to thank Teresa and Lee Cunningham and their committee for preparing and serving the meal.

Joe Miller, a Mennonite pastor for 25 years who served with MCC in Budapest, Hungary for four years blessed us with a presentation, The Miracle of Canning. This was a review of how and why the canning program was started. How it affects those in need and how we have changed things from those earliest days of meat canning. The equipment changed but the volunteer help hasn’t changed. We have been blessed by those volunteers who give their time to help others in need. God bless.

The committee would like to thank the Vira Methodist Church for hosting a program this year. A special thank you goes out to Vince’s Pizza and Family Restaurant for its donation to the meal.

You can donate to the canning project at: Central Pa. World Hunger Association, P.O. Box 76, Belleville, PA 17004.

With you, we can.

Rick Esh

Canning secretary, Central Pa. World Hunger Association