Thank you to all who support adopt-a-planter

To the editor:

As the deciduous trees change color and drop their leaves, and we bring our winter coats out of storage, I’d like to thank the 28 talented Adopt-a-Planter sponsors in Downtown Lewistown. These lovely individuals, businesses and organizations have thoughtfully considered a design, purchased plants, and watered them all season. Many of them are now replacing the tender annuals in their planters with mums and grasses and evergreens to provide fall and winter interest. (No one is required to continue to maintain their planter after the first killing frost, but most sponsors choose to do so anyway, and it’s incredibly generous).

Thanks to Lewistown Elks 663, Harvey Smith’s Barber Shop, the Penn State Master Gardeners of the Juniata Valley, United Way of Mifflin-Juniata, Community Services Group, Marty’s Grooming, Roxanne Carstetter and Katie Pearson, ComPASS Community Connections, The Square Cafe & Bakery, Laskaris Restaurant, Downtown Subway, Juniata Valley Bank, Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau, KC’s Gifts and Awards, Jim’s Scrap Metals, Bushmen at Home, Lewistown Presbyterian Church, First National Bank, MCS Bank, Wray’s Landscaping, Lake Park United Methodist Church, South Hills Business School, Barger’s Landscaping, DNA Blossoms, Mifflin County Children & Youth Services, Sacred Heart Parish and School, River Mountain Landscaping and Lisa Knudson.

I can’t forget to thank the Borough of Lewistown for providing all of the topsoil and compost, buying signs, and for helping me keep a lookout for thirsty plants during hot weather. Also, Donna Snook of Snowflake’s on the Square and Heather Knepp-Crader of KC’s Gifts and Awards frequently water the large planters in front of their businesses for me, and I’m so grateful to them for that assistance. Thanks to the Penn State Master Gardeners of the Juniata Valley for judging planters, and for your support. Finally, to my dear husband Mike, who brings me whatever I need, whether that be a shovel, a dump trailer, or an umbrella … I can always count on him.

I currently have a small waiting list of individuals of who would like to sponsor planters as they become available in the future. If you’d like me to add your name to that list, or if you have questions, or suggestions, contact me anytime via email at

Sara Buffington

Penn State Master Gardeners of the Juniata Valley