Great reward is there for those willing to work for it

To the editor:

As I picked up my Wednesday Sentinel and looked at all the criminal-related stories on the front page, and second page, I cannot believe just how bad things are getting in our little town.

It is so sad that the behavior of so many has gotten out of control. And most are drug-related in some form. I get angry when I keep hearing that we as a country have such a terrible opioid crisis. A lot of these drug-related crimes happen because a person makes a choice of their own volition to take those drugs. They all know better but do it anyway, and then we as a society must bear the burden of their decision. It is costing all of us millions in taxpayer dollars to try and rehabilitate these people who apparently don’t seem to care about trying to straighten out their lives and become a productive member of our society.

I get frustrated when I hear people say there is nothing around here as far as jobs go. Yes there is!

You just have to want to work and be self sufficient. Several employers in our area are looking for employees who want to work. That’s the problem. So many don’t want to have to work. I just don’t understand. We have many amazing young and productive people in our community. You can attain anything you want in life. But you have to want to work for it!

Judith Caldwell