Thank you for support of Penny Bazaar

To the editor:

The Burnham Fire Company would like to thank everyone that help make our 2018 Penny Bazaar a great success.

From the many businesses, plus our community members that donated prizes and desserts for our cake wheel, we greatly appreciate all of you. We would also, like to thank our Burnham and Derry Fire Police for keeping the road secure while our Bazaar was going on…. This is called team work!

Congratulations to Marty Bubb and his family for winning the Disney World trip. We wish you and your family to have a great time on your vacation with Mickey.

Also, thank you to the Bratton, Treaster and Leister families for attending the dedication of the new benches in their families’ names on Friday evening to start the Penny Bazaar.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support of Burnham Fire Company.

Teddy Nearhoof

Penny Bazaar Chairman