Mifflin County, let’s really show our true colors

To the editor:

We live in a society where it’s easier to tear someone down than to lift them up. To show condemnation rather than to express compassion. Let’s not forget, there are plenty of stones in this world before you decide to throw one.

This community sent our “sons” to represent us at the Babe Ruth World Series. And when things were great, we were proud of them. We bragged about them and we were quick to ride the bandwagon. We stayed up late to watch the games, we liked every comment on Facebook and we made sure we let everyone knew we were Mifflin County proud!

Things are different a day later. An uncharacteristic video surfaced, the team lost their final game and some Washington writer who’s never been here wants to tell the world his opinion of Mifflin County. Well I’m not here to tell you if he is right or wrong. It doesn’t matter to me what he writes, it doesn’t matter what his opinion is. What matters to me is that our community would rather condemn our “sons” like he did, rather than express compassion for our own.

This team belongs to us. They are one of us. They are our neighbors’ kids. And let’s not forget, they are 15 years old. At 15, they have had more pressure on them than anyone in our county. They have gone out and played with Mifflin County on their chest for two months. If the state of Washington wants to really see our true colors, let’s really show them. Let’s show them that we love our boys. Let’s show them that we love all our boys and that the world can’t shake us. If mistakes were made, so be it. We are talking about kids playing a kids game. We will band around them and together we will be stronger as a community. And whether it’s this team or future generations, we should be Mifflin County proud not only in victory, but also in defeat!

John Pannizzo