How is Strzok different than those who say ‘lock her up’?

To the editor:

This week, The Sentinel received praise from people in the community for defending the free press regarding statements made by President Donald Trump that the press is the enemy of the people.

I also congratulate The Sentinel for taking a stand. I have never thought to consider the media to be enemies of the people. There have been times when I disagreed with some opinions.

Take for instance, the opinion in Saturday’s paper regarding Peter Strzok’s testimony before Congress. Don’t insult the intelligence of your readers. I watched Trey Gowdy and many of the other congressmen and women become bullies because Mr. Strzok continued to defend himself. The emails/texts in question were Mr. Strzok’s opinions.

I watched and read the news leading up to the 2016 election and many times the president encouraged people when they starting shouting to “lock her up.” Trey Gowdy tried to find something to pin on Mrs. (Hillary) Clinton during the Benghazi hearings. Trey Gowdy used the same tone with Mrs. Clinton that he used with Mr. Strzok. Trey Gowdy becomes combative and angry when the cameras are turned on. These are supposed to be adults.

All those hearings became a huge waste of taxpayer money. I am sorry people died and the families certainly have my sympathy. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens knew it was not a good place to go and he still went.

I am hearing at the “rallies” in 2018 people shouting the words “lock her up.” I have not yet been able to understand why they are still doing it. She was the most vetted person running for president. Maybe I missed the opinion in The Sentinel where you took them to task because they disagree politically with Mrs. Clinton like you did to Peter Strzok when he expressed his personal opinion.

Jane Welshonse