Dressing for success starts while still in school

To the editor:

I just read the article in The Sentinel today regarding the approval of wearing flip flops and shorts to school by the Juniata County School Board.

It saddens me that our schools are no longer teaching the importance of appearance at a young age which starts in school. When these children reach graduation and start looking for employment, appearance is key in getting the job. It resonates with your prospective employer that you are someone who takes pride in yourself. This is learned at home and at school.

I am just saddened when I drive by a school and see so many kids improperly dressed for the day, and I think to myself where is their self esteem? And it doesn’t take a lot of money to look appropriate.

I worked in human resources during my career and saw so many instances of young people coming for an interview dressed unprofessionally. Do you think they got the job? No. We need to start teaching our young people that it’s a tough and very competitive world out there, and like it or not, how you present yourself physically plays a big part in getting the job.

Judith Caldwell