Apology to readers for editorial is warranted

To the editor:

You owe your subscribers an apology — not a tongue in cheek apology where you paint yourself as a victim of circumstances put into the position you chose to take, because of the opinions the large newspapers. You, alone, are responsible for unbiased publication. You’ve stumbled. You chose to show the Boston Globe and other venomous publications that “We’re just as big time as you and aren’t afraid of the consequences.” It would appear you consider your readers as no more than a bunch of uneducated “bigoted deplorables” who, if brains were dynamite, couldn’t blow their noses.

Over the past two years my feelings toward The (Lewistown) Sentinel have progressed from enjoyment to uneasiness to suspicion to annoyance and bottomed out at disdain. Recently I mailed you a three-digit check. Will it be to line the bottom of my bird cage for another year? Perhaps a sincere, not glossed over apology, not to me but to all your subscribers, would be in order.

Some major league football players have chosen to stay in the locker room and hide their contempt for our national anthem. I consider this situation an analogy where you chose to come out and kneel.

Charles E. Diebert