Sunshine Connection grateful for your support

Dear Consumer’s Family, Friends and Community Supporters:

The Sunshine Connection is dissolving its 501(c)3. The last day we will be open will be July 31.

We are unable to stay open since our funding was cut for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania has received our funding. They promise to continue to support our consumers and meet their needs.

For more information please contact Alison Fisher, Interim Director at Juniata Valley Behaviorial and Developmental Services at (717) 242-6467 or Lori Kane, Regional Director of Skills at (814) 342-9800.

The support you have given Sunshine Connection is immeasurable.

We feel honored that you have believed in our cause.

Lisa Nancollas, Board President

Helen Kirk, Treasurer

Joann Tate, Secretary

Freda Hook, Board Member

Edward Fike, Board Member

C. Corson, Board Member

W. Sharp, Board Member