People keeping their homes, not paying taxes

To the editor:

Once again The Sentinel has listed delinquent property tax payers. And, once again, a lot of the same names!

I am completely baffled as to how and why our county continues to allow this to happen. There are many of us home owners who pay our taxes regularly and on time. We may not like the amount we pay but we still continue to do it because it is our responsibility as home owners and we do not want any repercussions regarding our property.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could explain in full detail the procedure for collecting minimal payments from these home owners that allows them to continue to own these properties and not pay taxes year after year.

The amounts listed for many of these individuals are not just for one or two years. Perhaps the minimum payment amounts need to be increased and/or stricter penalties be imposed for non payments.

While I do appreciate the fact that we have not had increases to our property taxes in the past year, perhaps if the county is more diligent in collecting the continuing increase in delinquent taxes, we may be able to have a decrease in yearly taxes.

Kathy Elliott