Pennsylvania’s taxes unfairly favor the wealthy

To the editor:

Taxes collected by school districts and local and county government may be unfair, and I am referring to earned income, occupation and per capita taxes, not the real estate tax.

Is it fair to tax the earned income from investments, dividends and capital gains, goes untaxed? Is it fair to tax a minimum wage worker the same amount as a millionaire like a per capita tax does? Is it fair to tax someone on the basis of a job title rather than on the income derived from that work?

The answer to all those questions is no. Real estate taxes are at least related to the physical size of the land and the structures located on that property, in other words, its property value.

The federal government and our surrounding states have legalized a graduated income tax that can have higher tax rates or lower tax rates depending on the amount of a person’s income, their ability to pay taxes.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania will continue to have those taxes that are favorable to the rich at the expense of the working class and poor until voters elect legislators and a governor who are committed to the elimination of unfair taxation.

David L. Faust