Many are to thank for borough Christmas tree

To the editor:

For the holiday season, a concerted effort made possible through the cooperation of community-minded businesses, local government workers, veterans groups and organizations resulted in the annual placement of the Christmas tree on Monument Square. The tradition of obtaining and decorating the tree enjoyed by residents and visitors alike was continued through coordination to make the holidays special.

This year, a 15-foot-tall Fraser fir tree donated by Metzler Forest Products, and erected through the efforts of Crider-Mitchell Construction who lent its labor to secure it in place (not to mention their able assistance in removing the tree at season’s end) adorns the Square. Denise Foss, Foss Jewelers and Paul Wilson, Jr. contributed their time and expertise in decorating the tree along with the assistance of the Street Department of the Borough of Lewistown.

We also acknowledge the support and assistance of the Borough of Lewistown for their continued work to decorate downtown with the snowflakes, banners and other pole decorations. Thanks are also in order to the Lewistown Parking Authority who provides banners in the Authority-owned downtown parking lots.

Additionally, the Juniata River Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau along with the County Maintenance Department places banners around Monument Square. This year the fountain at Fountain Square Park was enhanced through the initiative of Downtown Lewistown Inc. and the Juniata River Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau aided by the Street Department of the Borough of Lewistown. Without the caring support of these volunteers, borough and county workers, and local businesses, none of the festive holiday lights and seasonal decorations we all enjoy would be possible.

Likewise, a partner business, Barger’s Landscaping Plus, continues to maintain the “diamond” at the intersection of West Market and Juniata streets and provides regular labor in keeping the western gateway into Lewistown looking great throughout the year.

Courtesy parking is now in effect at meters located on the streets and parking lots through New Year’s Day. The Courtesy Parking Program provides visitors a specified period of time that is provided for their patronage. It is a set period and not intended for long term parking use. Parking is free Saturdays through the season and lasting through until New Year’s Day.

This service is provided through Downtown Lewistown Inc. in cooperation with the Borough of Lewistown and Lewistown Police Department. We thank you for helping to keep your purchases local in support of your Mifflin County friends and neighbors.

We invite you to make the holidays special in downtown Lewistown and ask that you remember these community-minded businesses for their contributions during the season and throughout the new year.

Jim Zubler

Downtown Lewistown Inc.