Borough council articles aren’t telling whole story

To the editor:

Lately there have been several comments in the Open Line about Lewistown Borough Council’s spending. Why doesn’t your reporter put more info from the meetings in the report?

Examples would be they OK’d the hiring of 3 more part-time police officers. (Editor’s note: These officers were hired to replace others who have left the Lewistown Police Department.) The mayor and police chief requested a 7.5 percent raise for a administrative secretary at the police station and it was granted.

Those voting for the raise were council president Frank Berrier and outgoing members Matt Moore, Russ Rager and Larry Eddinger. Those opposed were me, Bill Wilson and Jim Felmlee.

A vote was taken to release a borough secretary two weeks prior to Christmas. The vote was a tie (councilman Jim Felmlee could not vote due to a conflict of interest) and the mayor that requested the big 7.5 percent raise broke the tie to release the employee.

Those voting to release the borough secretary were Berrier and outgoing members Rager and Eddinger. Those voting to retain the secretary were me, Wilson and Moore.

Why don’t these things ever get put in the reports?

(Editor’s note: Attempts to reach borough personnel to provide clarification on some of the items mentioned were unsuccessful.)

Larry Searer

Vice president, Lewistown

Borough Council