Gun control won’t solve problems, God will

To the editor:

I read the editorial in the Oct. 4 Sentinel and I must say it was 99 percent spot on. I have just a few things to add.

The weapons used were technically not fully automatic machine guns. They were semiautomatic rifles. The triggers had to be pulled for every shot fired. The difference was in the stock, which was modified to react with the recoil of the rifle to re-pull the trigger over and over again, which mimics a fully automatic weapon.

By the way, these stocks were deemed legal by the Obama administration’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency.

In addition, let me say that even if legislation would be passed and signed into law outlawing bump-stocks, it would not prevent their use as they are easily made. The fact that they would be illegal would not deter a man like Stephen Paddock from using them. After all, murder is illegal also and that did not stop him.

As usually, the Democrats are running around with their hair on fire saying all manner of ridiculous things and spewing hatred for anyone who owns a gun or supports gun ownership. Also, they try to put forth that more guns means more danger to the public.

In all actuality, it is just the opposite. Gun ownership in the United States is up 56 percent and at the same time, gun crime is down 49 percent and that is a fact.

The Democrats try to scare the people of this nation with doom and gloom over guns and try to tell people to vote for them and they will protect you, that they are really concerned about saving lives. What a bunch of bunk.

The Democrats are the party that supports abortion on demand. This policy murders more than 1 million lives a year. If there was a Stephen Paddock out there every week or even every day, they would not come close to that figure of losing 1 million lives a year.

Perhaps if the Democrats would promote godly principles such as the Ten Commandments, but then liberals support restricting such things from public places. They look down on Christians as too judgmental.

Christians are even called hateful because we won’t say that homosexuality is OK and not a sin. They look for occasions to take Christians to court for not wanting to go against their beliefs in their businesses.

I think one thing that would go a long way to improving things, and I mean all things in the entire world, would be for more people to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and live a godly lifestyle.

Stephen E. Sellers