House and Senate Bills 76 are not good for taxpayers

To the editor:

The Property Tax Independence Act, House and Senate Bills 76, would eliminate school property taxes by increasing the rates of the state’s personal income and sales taxes. This proposed legislation is not a good idea. Why?

This proposed law would send too much tax money to Harrisburg and leave too little revenue locally to operate public schools. Remember when the Corbett administration eliminated a state corporate tax that generated millions of dollars annually and then subsidies to the rural public schools were slashed?

Without property tax revenue, the area’s local public schools would have been gutted. So what’s the answer? The solution to ending all property taxes, including local and county government and local public school districts is to amend the state constitution to allow each of them and the state government to generate tax revenue with a graduated income tax that is based on the ability to pay, not on the assessed value of the property.

If the Property Tax Independence Act becomes law, the middle class would have to make up the lost tax revenue from the properties owned by the wealthy and the poor would be penalized by the increase in the state sales tax.

In conclusion, the House and Senate Bills 76 are a very bad idea!

David L. Faust