There seems to be a left-right double standard

To the editor:

It appears that we are into another “here we go again” regarding double standards toward common decency or, even more so, on what might be considered threats toward the president.

Back in January of this year, during one of the many anti-Trump protests, Madonna proudly and loudly made her comment that since President Trump had been elected, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

I had to wonder, after hearing that, just how long it would have taken the Secret Service to come knocking on my door if I had made that same speech in front of thousands of rally attendees and on national television. Apparently, though, since she is a left-wing liberal, politically ignorant, mostly washed-up entertainer, it is OK for her to make these threats toward the White House and president.

Now, we have the infamous rapper Snoop Dogg, who has decided to come up with another of his no-talent rap songs which features a clown who is made to physically resemble President Trump, right down to the suit and tie he is wearing. But Snoop decides in the video to take things a bit further as he, at one point, aims and shoots a toy gun at the President Trump look-alike. When Snoop pulls the trigger of the toy gun, a flag that says “bang” comes out of the barrel.

Once again, I must question just what would happen to me if I would decide to put out a video on You Tube or Facebook where I would aim a toy gun at a presidential look-alike, make the comment, “This is the final call” as Snoop does in his video, and then squeeze the trigger. I am certain that I would be treated much differently than either Madonna or Snoop has been.

Of course, in defense of Snoop’s video, another quasi-reputable, though mostly over-the-hill rapper, Ice T, explained how this video with the President Trump clown was OK to do but that a similar video with former President Obama would be totally unacceptable.

According to T, “Obama wasn’t the same kind of guy as Trump.” (I guess that means it is OK to pretend to shoot Trump!) He goes on to say that a video made about President Obama would have been terrible because according to T, “It was very hard to make an Obama joke because of his race and because Obama was such a smooth character.” Snoop’s video, according to T, was simply being artistic.

Apparently, threats, though somewhat veiled, are going to be tolerated so long as they come from the liberal left and are “only” directed at the people they hate. I doubt that the same behavior would be tolerated from

the other side.

Carl Smith