The sooner Trump is impeached, the better

To the editor:

This is to the people that think that Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. Guess again, he is nothing of the sort. Let’s look at the facts and not the “alternate facts” that his supporters want to believe.

People claim that he will be in office for the next eight years, you are wrong. He will be impeached sooner rather than later and it will be his own doing. He will be impeached for two reasons, the first being all the lies that he spews on a daily basis all of which can and have been fact checked and proven wrong. And secondly, his ties to Russia who 17 intelligence agencies have stated influenced the 2016 election.

Now let’s look at his bill for health care. OK, the ACA was not perfect and it was not a one size fits all bill, but under ACA 20 million people gained health insurance. Under Trump(don’t)care 24 million people will lose health insurance, with the people who do have insurance paying more for health care.

For example, senior citizens will have to find an extra $1,300 a year to cover their deductibles. That is a fact that came from Washington, D.C. and has been published on numerous occasions. So let me ask his supporters this, how is 24 million people losing health insurance helping the American people, when in fact this will actually lead to people dying?

Let’s look at some of his other policies and executive orders. Cutting funding for Meals on Wheels. Really? Little fact that his supporters seem to forget, Meals on Wheels is very often the only meal that senior citizens and needy kids get each day. It is also nine out of 10 times the only human contact that the elderly have. Maybe his supporters don’t know this or maybe they don’t care.

Cutting the funding to the EPA and climate change research. Even though the EPA is now headed by a person who is anti-science and scientific fact , climate change is real. It is not a conspiracy enacted by the Chinese as Trump and his cronies want people to believe, but is in fact real and a danger for the entire human race. Cutting funding to the EPA just proves that Trump does not care for future generations, all he cares about is now.

Another fact that cannot be disputed, with the funding climate change research cut and the deregulation of policies that protect the environment, and the deregulation of businesses such as fracking, natural gas and the coal industry will lead to more carbon dioxide released into the air which will lead to more people being diagnosed with breathing issues, it will lead to more people being diagnosed with cancer.

So, people, under Trump’s administration more people will die from hunger due to the decreased funding that Meals on Wheels will get, there will be more cases of people having serious breathing issues and there will more people getting cancer.

So I say this, the sooner that Trump is impeached the better. It will save people’s lives and it will get a traitor out of the White House.

George Fisher