The rules should apply equally to everyone

To the editor:

I feel the need to speak out on a few things that have been in the news as of late. The first thing is that President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants who claim to be refugees from certain Middle Eastern countries and the court rulings suspending the ban. These judges that have ruled against the ban are nut cases — both those that ruled against the first executive order and this Hawaiian judge who ruled against the second order.

The law states in simple fact that the president (any president) has the authority to suspend immigration from any part of the world for any reason, and for any length of time that he feels is appropriate for the safety and security of the citizens of the United States.

It doesn’t say as long as no one disagrees with his reasoning or if all the country agrees, etc. The president has that authority, which means President Trump has the authority whether you like him or not.

None of these judges have challenged the law as constitutional or not. They just question his motives and they don’t have the right to do that according to the law. They are all liberal nut cases who are angry because their party lost the election in November and are trying to cause as much trouble as they can by trying to construct a new law from the bench and this is not the job of any judge. They are all overstepping their authority.

If there is true moral justice in this world and there is just one case where any terrorist gets in the country and commits an act of terrorism during this injunction, then every judge who stopped President Trump’s executive order should go on trial as an accessory to the act.

Also, in the meantime, since President Trump went out of his way to rewrite the order to satisfy the first criticism and the Hawaiian judge ruled against the rewrite, all immigrants coming from these countries, until this is settled, should automatically be sent to Hawaii.

Just one more point on this subject for those who say that President Trump’s ban was a religious ban. Remember this fact. At the beginning of World War II in Europe, a boat load of Jewish people came to the United States looking for asylum. Franklin Delano Roosevelt turned them away. Was this not a religious ban by a Democratic president? It may have been a mistake to do that on moral grounds, but it was done and FDR had that right to do it.

Another subject in the news is sanctuary cities and the deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

First of all, anyone here illegally has already broken the law. If you then commit another crime, you are a repeat offender. For this reason, if you are here illegally to begin with, you should be walking on egg shells so as to not draw attention to yourself.

If you break the way again and get arrested, then after you are convicted and serve your sentence, you should be deported. If you come back here illegally again, you should be arrested and, when convicted, get a mandatory 10 to 20 years, then be deported again. And if you are stupid enough to come back to the United States illegally the third time, you should get a life sentence. some have returned five or six times to commit crimes. If the get life for the third offense, no one commits No.4, No. 5 or No. 6.

As for sanctuary cities, if any cities, towns, municipalities do not cooperate with (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and try to keep illegal immigrants convicted of a crime from being deported, you should lose any federal funding that you are receiving and the officials involved should lose their jobs and be

prosecuted themselves.

Laws on the books should be enforced. If you don’t like the laws that exist, there are ways to change them. It is a process. I don’t like all the laws on the books but if I choose to ignore them and disobey them, I will pay the consequences. That is life.

For example, in the area that I live, we have a 35 mph speed limit. Most people drive faster. I personally think a 45 mph speed limit would be fine as long as everyone obeyed it. Still, I try to travel the speed limit through the area. If I forget and a policeman catches me, I will pay a fine and I will have no excuse.

Everyone who dances must be prepared to pay the piper.

Steven Sellers