Marino is tireless worker for his constituents

To the editor:

In response to Elizabeth Book’s letter to the editor entitled “Marino seems to forget who the bosses are,” published March 15, many of the points made in this letter are simply wrong. We need Congressman Marino to clean up the mess created over the last eight years.

We are very fortunate to have Congressman Tom Marino represent us in Congress. In Washington, he is working to clean up and cut government regulations that harm businesses in Mifflin County, the state of Pennsylvania and the United States. He is working to clean up the disastrous Obamacare health care plan. He is working to clean up the failed foreign policy of the Obama administration. The work Congressman Marino is accomplishing in Washington is

bringing jobs back to the area and giving us hope for a better future.

Congressman Marino is well known to be widely accessible. In the last two years alone, he has held more than 20 town halls and makes a point to attend as many events in the region as often as possible. He has attended a number of recent events in Mifflin County and even hosted a picnic for constituents. During recent congressional recesses,

Congressman Marino has met with people across the district to discuss health care and

government regulations. Marino listens to his constituents and he knows exactly who he represents.

Additionally, Marino has a team of hardworking and dedicated staff members who will listen to the concerns of the people in the district and respond better as necessary. Congressman Marino reads each piece of legislation to understand it in its

entirety before stating an opinion. In an era of “we need to pass a bill to find out what’s in it,” Congressman Marino is a breath of fresh air. I am proud to have a congressman who takes his job seriously and doesn’t provide flippant talking points as a response, but rather seeks to

understand legislation and how it will affect us. That is what we should expect and, frankly, demand of our elected


Congressman Marino understands the needs and concerns of constituents in the 10th District and he is working for us. Marino has not forgotten who he represents or who his bosses are. We are fortunate to have Congressman Marino representing us in Congress.

Edward Fike Jr.