Marino demonstrates again he’s not for us

To the editor:

I disagree with Edward Fike’s letter. Congressman Marino does not do what is in our best interests.

Just this past week, Republicans in Congress made it easier for telecom and cable companies to share customers’ personal information, including Web browsing history, without their consent.

Marino did not vote. Seriously. Our representative did not take the opportunity to say, “No, this is not good for my constituents,” and vote against it. Congressman Marino did not care enough about us to protect our privacy.

Further, our taxpayer money is going to pay for all kinds of things for the Trumps, including $400,000 a day just so the first lady can live in New York City, away from her husband. Marino has been silent about this.

I want a representative who stands up and says, “No, I do not want my constituents’ taxpayer money to pay for Melania to live in her golden penthouse instead of the White House, for Trump to take golf trips every weekend to his resort in Florida and for Trump’s kids to take ski trips in Aspen. Vacations for rich people do not benefit my constituents. What does benefit my constituents is PBS, Meals on Wheels and Medicaid. That is what taxpayers should pay for, instead of supporting a billionaire’s family.”

I want Congressman Marino to help us, his taxpayers, not some rich billionaires. I do not think all of this is too much to ask for in a congressman and if Congressman Marino cannot do this, then he should find himself another job so that we can get a congressman who does want to represent us and does want to do what is in our best interests. The starting salary for members of the U.S. House of Representatives is $174,000, so I am sure we can find someone willing to take the job and represent the people who pay that salary.

Elizabeth Book

Port Royal