Harrop’s Obamacare paradise doesn’t exist

To the editor:

What is the definition of partisan politics? Anything that opposes the Democrat, liberal, progressive, socialist agenda.

Ms. Froma Harrop’s liberal slanted views on Obamacare came through loud and clear in her March 22 article stating that the GOP wants to do away with Obamacare simply because it was and still is the only signature legislation pushed thru Congress and signed by President Obama. It is his only monumental achievement during his tenure. When I say “monumental” is use the term loosely.

Recent news has the cost of Obamacare now at $175 billion. This “great idea” was to help cover a supposed 20 million uninsured Americans. That boils down to $87,500 for each uninsured person since it was enacted in March 2010, or $12,500 per person annually. By the way, I’m thinking the price tag was much higher.

To put this in context: I could have purchased each uninsured a “Cadillac” plan at $500 a month. A plan (having no deductibles) for around $6,000 a year, saving more than half the cost this boondoggle has cost the American taxpayer. To put it another way, we could have insured nearly 50 million uninsured Americans with this price tag.

The “short” of it all: The Democrat, liberal, progressive, socialist loves to give away big, beautiful boxes of “great stuff” in containers wrapped with ribbons, bows and confetti. The problem is when you open the package there is nothing but “air.” In the bottom of the box is a card that when opened says: “Here is your gift … please pay the enclosed bill within the next 30 days.”

As Nancy Pelosi once said: “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

Steven Goss