Cuts to federal education funding will do no good

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the editorial in The Sentinel on March 27 titled “Federal money for schools should come without strings attached.”

While I agree with the premise of this article, I have to point out that it wasn’t “liberal politicians” that originated and demanded Washington’s control over public schools.

George W. Bush pushed for and passed the “No Child Left Behind” act. That is the law that mandated the numerous standardized tests that our children take each year. William Bennett, the Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan, called for “Common Core” standards while he was acting secretary. In addition, most conservative governors including Christie, Huckabee and Jindal initially supported the “Common Core” standards for public schools. It was not until later that conservative politicians turned away from ‘Common Core’ as local support evaporated.

The reason most liberals do not support Betsy DeVos has nothing to do with control. We are concerned with support for public schools. We do not want to see the federal funding for public schools decreased or eliminated. Also, we are concerned that federal funds supporting public education may be diverted to private schools, thereby reducing the amount of money available for universal public education.

This should not be a liberal or a conservative issue. A decrease in federal funding will inevitably result in an increase in the most unfair of all taxes, e.g., real estate taxes. I urge all Sentinel readers whether conservative and liberal, to contact our representatives to the federal government and let them know that you do not support cuts to the federal funding for education. Your property taxes depend on it.

Harry M. Geedey