I supported Trump with belief he’ll keep promises

To the editor:

Now that the election is over we can breath a bit more easily — or can we?

Without reservation I voted for Trump and even reluctantly voted for Toomey. His position on gun control and his lack of support for our standard-bearer made my vote a hesitant one.

Many of the issues that brought us to the precipice have only taken one step back and could easily jump upon us with a vengeance should we drop our guard. The radicals are not only abroad but in our own backyard. Heck, one of the voices of the Democrats is an admitted communist — Van Jones. If he and his ilk are accepted advisers what does that say for the continued safeguards of our constitutional republic?

We who supported Trump did so with the belief that he would do just what he promised when running for office: build the wall; not increase but address the debt limit; lower our tax burden and the unpopular regulations imposed on our businesses; get rid of Common Core; repeal Obamacare and replace it not with anything akin to federal control but limit any alternative to the people’s choice and not a nanny state advocate sitting in a protected office in Washington, D.C.; invalidate NAFTA and other unfair trade agreements; rip up the Iran deal which in the long-term will not benefit anyone but the radicals intent upon our destruction; stop illegal immigration no matter which entry point chosen; put a halt to the murderous act of abortion which is favored by so many on the left side of the aisle and that includes late-term abortions which if examined objectively means killing a baby able to survive on it own.

Want choice? Then don’t jump into the sack, which was the first choice. An innocent in the womb should not be given the death sentence due to its inconvenient creation. Don’t want the child? Then give it up for adoption. Now that is a worthy choice.

Our commonwealth surprised so many of the pundits. What is more surprising is that Pennsylvania was the final straw and became the electoral hump that took Mr. Trump over the top to his, and our, victory over the socialist undercurrent weakening the foundation of our republic.

We need to advance the ability of our people to survive not by handouts that limit initiative but instead the opportunity to advance their own goals and dreams at the workplace, not the welfare office.

Hopefully Donald Trump will lead us toward a brighter future. If not, he may well join Jimmy Carter as a one-term president.

Diane L. Logan