Displaced employees are hard-working people

To the editor:

The Open Line on Monday, Nov. 21, included this call: “To the displaced workers at GE: Don’t worry, your new president will bring your jobs back. Remember, he promised that.” Since some of those displaced workers are my friends, I thought I might say something about that call.

Since the caller referred to the new president as “your president,” the caller must be a Democrat and assumes that the workers are Republicans. And since the sarcasm in the call shows that the caller expects that Trump will not be able to get their jobs back, the caller expects that the displaced workers will be unemployed for a while at least. What a nice thought!

Well, guess what? Some of the people that GE let go have decided to start their own company and that company has attracted some of the other key people GE dismissed. Other displaced people have a chance of finding jobs with area companies in similar work.

So, I don’t know if these people are Republicans or not, but I do know they are hard-working people that know their job prospects depend on their own best efforts. They will not sit around the house moaning about how they’ve been treated, nor think that their future depends on somebody in Washington.

I suggest that the caller forget about thinking Trump as divisive or mean-spirited. If the caller wants to see someone divisive or mean-spirited, there’s always a mirror available.

John Brittain