DINOs’ party infection led to election defection

To the editor:

On Nov. 8, our republic and its Constitution was granted a stay of execution — not permanent but temporary. This date should go down in history and celebrated as a national holiday. Who do we credit with effecting this miraculous “do over”? The Democrats!

The DINOs (Democrats In Name Only), the Clintons, Obamas, Reids, Schumers. Warrens, Ginsbergs, Robertses, Sotomayors and too many more to mention who in reality are commu-progressives, have infected the Democratic Party. The fable about the Democratic frog placed in body temperature water while the commu-progressive frogs turn up the temperature one degree a day. In time the Democratic frog, who is not aware of his fate, has body functions that fail and he is relegated to obsolescence.

On Nov. 8, 6 million Democratic frogs, aware that they were doomed to extinction, either voted for the opposing party or refrained from voting and gave the country’s reigns to an unknown.

We should all be dedicated to giving this unknown his chance to pull our country out of the swamp and let’s give 6 million heroes a “well done.”

Charles E. Deibert