Seiler has served county, its CYS agency well

To the editor:

To those who have never spent a day as a Child Protective Services worker I can assure you that it is one of the hardest and most thankless jobs you can ever imagine. The hours are long and unpredictable. The pay leaves some-

thing to be desired, and after years in this position a part of you will never be same. It takes a special person to listen to a child’s account of how they have been abused or neglected, especially when it is someone they love and trust. There are also joyous experiences: when families are reunited, when plan goals have been achieved, and even when a child has found their “forever home.”

Mackenzie Seiler knows the joys and pains better than anyone else and has dedicated the last 11 years of her life to making Mifflin County a place in which children can learn, grow and succeed.

Starting as a caseworker in the intake unit, where Child Protective Services and General Protective Services are conducted, and progressing on to Intake Supervisor and eventually Agency Administrator, she has exhibited qualities that are highly desirable in leaders. She is, amongst other things, hard working, honest, caring, compassionate and responsible. In her tenure she has lowered child placements, promoted positive activities in the community, formed a Christmas Outreach for over 250 children annually, reduced the amount of time a child spends in foster care, increased public education about child abuse prevention, encouraged the strength based/solution focused model and strives to improve everyday on ways to better serve our community.

Having spent over six years working as an intake caseworker and intake supervisor I can attest that this job is not for everyone. The special few that have the patience and desire to do good in our community are a treasure. A public servant that conducts themselves based on what is best for those they serve and not what they earn in return is a rare find. Ms. Seiler is one of those individuals and it would be in the best interest of the children and families in Mifflin County for her to continue serving as she has for over a decade.

There are concerns in the community that the new board of commissioners could remove Ms. Seiler from her position without justification due to her position being an “at will position.” I can only hope that decisions like these are based solely on professional performance and merit. Looking back on Ms. Seiler’s career she has made drastic improvements in the operations of our local Children and Youth Services and our families are only better because of it. If you believe, as I do, that our county should have only the best at the helm of our Children and Youth Services Agency then I would encourage you to call or write to our commissioners and ask that they continue to support the excellence that occurs everyday under our current administrator, Ms. Mackenzie Seiler.

Charlie Vogt